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Policies Geared Towards Solar Incentives This Year

Lee Hansen | February 21, 2021

It has never been this way that power companies and customers are on an unprecedented disaccord, but homeowners celebrate triumph!

Government programs promoting enormous savings are lucrative to customers, and power companies are using everything in their power to put a blame on customers who see massive opportunity in those programs, it sure looks like this fight is not ending any time soon. To give some more context here, power companies are not exactly happy with Virginia solar incentives that are literally liberating homeowners by providing clean energy and killing it with installation fees that are practically being taken to a big fat zero!

Protecting the environment is great, who says otherwise, and this has been the soul of all campaigns promoting solar energy in the past - what is new however is that installation rebates on solar panels are now worth thousands of dollars - and even though this is only available in an increasing number of zip codes those incentives are widely popular - after all who would not want a new solar system installation at practically zero cost.

See If You Qualify For A $0 Down Solar Installation

Homeowners can now qualify themselves by visiting top.solar, and many are startled to know that no hidden or upfront payments are needed. Areas vary in the size of granted incentives, but this page has a tool that makes it easy, not only does it qualify you but also estimates how many dollars you can save just by selecting your utility provider and average energy bill. Recently we’ve seen that on average most customers save around 55% of their bill each single year.

So, how does it exactly work?

It boils down to the cost of producing solar panels, and reaped rewards. If we look at end customer solar panel pricing, we’d see that in 2020/2021 those have tremendously dropped, and if that was not enough then not paying upfront through those special programs would make you think. It looks as if the combined effect of dropped pricing, increased incentives and massive savings are changing the scope in the short horizon.

Savings are easy to calculate

First: Click on your state from the below map.

Second: Fill-out the quick form and find out the amount you can expect to save, most people need less than 60 seconds to find out.